Promoting Your Next Blog Post

How can you let your ideal clients know about your expertise? One of the most effective ways to share your expertise is to write blog posts on a consistent basis.

But writing blog posts is only half the job. It’s essential that you share your content with your ideal clients through many different channels. That’s where a blog promotion strategy comes in.Promoting Your Next Blog Post

A blog promotion strategy is a plan on how you’ll promote your blog posts. For many entrepreneurs, this can be accomplished by creating a blog promotion checklist. This checklist is a streamlined and efficient way to help you keep track of when and where you have promoted your blog posts.

So, what online channels should you add to your blog promotion strategy?

Truthfully, the sky’s the limit on where you can promote your blog posts. To get your creative juices flowing, check out the five ideas in this week’s marketing strategy:

#1: Social media channels

Every blog post should be promoted on any social media channels you are active on. This may include your personal social media accounts. For example, every blog post I write is shared on my personal Facebook and Google Plus profiles.

Also, you may consider promoting your content in social media groups; however, you should proceed with caution. Check the group’s rules about self-promotion before linking to your blog post. Some groups welcome self-promotion while others prohibit it.

Finally, don’t hesitate to promote your blog post multiple times on social media. Chances are your fans or followers missed your previous posts. If you use WordPress, you can download the Revive Old Post plug-in to help you automate blog promotion on Twitter. Create a

#2: LinkedIn Long-Form Posts

Did you know you can also publish your blog posts on LinkedIn? This feature is called Long-Form Posts, and it’s a great way to share your blog post with your LinkedIn connections.

When you’re on your homepage, click on “Publish a Post” option. You can copy and paste it directly from your blog or Word document. Every time you post, it appears on your LinkedIn profile and shared with your network (including people who are just following your posts). Also, each post you publish on LinkedIn can be shared on social media, plus you can see metrics on views and likes.

#3: Facebook NotesUse Facebook Notes to share your blog posts with your Facebook friends

Did you know Facebook has a blog post platform too?

From your personal profile, you can use Facebook Notes to publish your blog posts. Facebook Notes are very similar to LinkedIn Long-Form posts – just copy and paste your blog post right into your Notes. You can also add graphics to your Notes.

When you publish your Note, it goes out to your personal news feed, and from there, you can share your Note on your Facebook page.

#4: Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites, such as StumbleUpon or Reddit, can help you find new readers for your blog. If you decide to use this strategy, it’s best to be active on the social bookmarking site too. Read articles submitted by other users, vote them up or down, and engage with the community. That way, when you post your articles, you will have a better chance of other users reading your content.

#5: Email marketing

If you publish a regular e-newsletter, consider adding links to the blog posts you have published since your last newsletter. This will “train” your email subscribers to look for new blog posts in each edition.

When you send individual emails, you can promote your last blog post through Wisestamp – a program that helps you create a dynamic email signature. You can set your preferences to include your last blog post in your email signature, as well as links to your social media accounts.

Each blog post you write is a way for you to share your expertise and knowledge with your ideal clients. Experiment with the best ways to promote your blog post by following the five suggestions listed in this blog post. Over time, you will find the right formula for getting your content in front of your target audience.

28 thoughts on “Promoting Your Next Blog Post

  1. Andrea

    I don’t know whether to kiss you or… I thought I was on top of blog promotion until I read this. It’s a good thing I know you’re om my side! xoxox

  2. zinnia

    Jill, thank you so much! I am starting a Lifestyle Brand Crash Course for beginners and you a re wonderful at illustrating what we need to do to write blog posts as well as share them across all channels in a smart way. I like how you automate the process because as entrepreneurs we have enough to do! And you add your wisdom with love and passion so it makes it easy to read. Thanks again!

  3. Tina Games

    I love the feel of your website, Jill. I think I could hang here for a few hours, taking in the colors, the design, and your great words of wisdom! ~ I love writing blog posts and appreciate the tips you’ve shared on how to promote them better. ~ I published a blog post yesterday on Linked-in and today I’m going to experiment with Facebook notes. Thank you for the nudge!


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