Put Your Focus Where You Want Your Marketing To Succeed

I was on Pinterest the other day and clicked through to a blog post about how a blogger tripled traffic to her site. Bloggers, especially ones who do it for a hobby, are extremely resourceful about increasing traffic, so I wanted to read what this woman suggested. One of her tips jumped out at me. I’m paraphrasing, but it goes something like this:

If you want to have more traffic to your blog, you need to blog more.

Pow! That one hit me right between my eyes.

It’s so simple, yet so true, right?

Honestly, this is something I should have discerned on my own (ahem), but sometimes, you need a smart blogger to remind you of one of your core teaching lessons:

→ Put your focus on where you want your marketing to succeed.

Put Your Focus Where You Want Your Marketing To Succeed

Your marketing plan is a garden

Let’s imagine your marketing plan is a garden. You planted six different flowers in your garden. Each flower is beautiful and unique. You water your garden and make sure it gets enough sunlight. You fertilize. You check on your garden every day to make sure it’s growing.

As your flowers grow, one particular flower really grabs your attention.  Maybe it’s your favorite color, or maybe you like its shape – whatever the reason, you just love it! You tend to it a little more than the other flowers, and before you know it, this special flower is really blooming, especially compared to the others.What you focus on in your marketing will bloom

With this special focus, your favorite flower continues to bloom and bloom. It’s such a successful little flower! It makes your whole garden beautiful.

Just like with your special flower, what you focus on in your marketing will bloom. If you focus on blogging more, your blog will bloom. If you focus on Facebook engagement, your engagement rates will bloom. If you focus on getting more speaking gigs, your speaking opportunities will bloom.

Magic, huh?

Should you focus on just one thing?

You can.  I’ve seen many successful entrepreneurs focus on one thing – networking, speaking, webinars, whatever is strategic to them– and do an outstanding job getting their message out into the world. Indeed, their business grew by just focusing on one thing.

But what if you have two things that you want to focus on? Is that okay? Absolutely!

I wouldn’t focus on more than three marketing tactics, though, because it starts to muddy the waters (how can you focus with four or more tactics needing your attention?).

Here’s a gauge to help:

  • Focus on one marketing tactic: Super ideal
  • Focus on two marketing tactics: Awesome
  • Focus on three marketing tactics: Great but be careful
  • Focus on four marketing tactics: Yikes, you are spreading yourself too thin.

Where do you want to focus?

Here’s an assignment you can complete to help you find the right marketing tactics to focus on:

  1. Take a look at your marketing plan (if you don’t have one, then jot down what marketing tactics you’ve implemented over the past three months).
  2. Sometimes, we naturally focus on a marketing tactics because it interests us. Can you identify any of these areas?
  3. Then, of all the tactics in your marketing plan, including the ones you may have been naturally focusing on, pick no more than three to intentionally focus on over the next 90 days.
  4. Once you have them I'm only focusing on these marketing tactics (free printable)picked out, print out this free printable and write down your three essential, must-focus-on marketing tactics. Keep this list front and center on your desk or workspace, and ask yourself every day: How can I focus on these marketing tactics today?

When you’re focused on one, two or three marketing tactics, your marketing will bloom. Be intentional about where you focus, and you’ll love the marketing results you will receive.

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12 thoughts on “Put Your Focus Where You Want Your Marketing To Succeed

  1. Peggy

    I have heard both sides of the fence about blogging – blog more, blog less, blog when you feel like (okay, not that one! LOL)

    I think blog LESS works if you do have an online business and your blog is just one aspect of what you do online.

    I think blog MORE works if it’s just you and your blog. Right now, I have two posts scheduled each week (Mondays and Thursdays) and I’ll be a more regular blogger on HuffPo because it does send traffic back to my site better than anything else…provided what I write strikes a nerve.

  2. Debra Reble

    Thank you Jill for all this food for thought! I tend to blog once a week but consistently and that seems to work for me and the people who follow my blog posts. <3

  3. Josee

    Great insights Jill. Rather good timing as I’ve been thinking about my marketing strategy as of late. This will come in handy. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Claudia LeBaron Islas

    Love metaphors and clearly understood the garden you talk about. I’ve been seeing the lack of focus effects on my social media strategy and recently decided to review my priorities, but after reading this post I think I need to go back and rearrange them again. Thank you Jill! 🙂

  5. Zeenat Merchant Syal

    Love the tips Jill! Love your flower blooming analogy too 🙂
    I think, as of now, I am stretching myself thin. So its back to re-strategize the marketing plan we go. This post helps immensely!
    Thank you.
    xoxo, Z~


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