When Your Sales Prospect Well Runs Dry

You’ve done an excellent job getting out there – networking, connecting with influencers, staying active on social media, speaking – everything the experts say to do to attract your ideal clients to your business.

Yet your well has run dry. You have been nurturing the same sales prospects for a while – with no conversions – and you don’t have anyone new to talk to about your services.

When Your Sales Prospect Well Runs Dry. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

When a “real” well starts to dry up, you’ve got three options:

  • You wait for it to rain, or,
  • You dig deeper to find water, or,
  • You dig a new well.

It’s the same for your “sales prospect well” too. And you need to exercise all three options to fill up your well again. Here’s what I mean:

Wait for it to rain

Waiting for rain is a passive approach. Unless you are independently wealthy or have a prosperous revenue source from somewhere else, this is not a good option, right?

There’s always something you can apply, though, even from the most passive of ideas. And here’s what I believe you need to do: Set the intention for it to rain.

Here’s how:

  • Write out your goal cards and read them several times a day
  • Create a vision board of your ideal clients, coming to you in droves
  • Stay in faith that a floodgate of ideal clients is on its way
  • Pray, meditate and visualize the results you’re looking for

Don't just set the intention. Couple it with action. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

IMPORTANT: Just don’t set the intention. You need to couple it with ACTION. That’s where the next two options come in.

Dig deeper

What does this mean? It means you must dig deeper with your existing sales prospects.

Take a look at your list of future clients, and categorize them into three categories: Hot, Warm, Cold. What can you do to woo those “hot” leads more? How can you dig deeper into your relationship to convince them to make an investment with you?

Phone calls and in-person meetings are often best here. Pretend that the rent is due tomorrow, and go after the business!

Dig a new well

In addition to wooing your existing sales prospects, it’s time to add more ideal clients to your sales pipeline. That’s what it means to “dig a new well.”

How do you add more ideal clients to your sales pipeline? You do so by amping up your visibility marketing. Go to a new networking meeting, maybe in a new town. Ask a JV partner if you can speak to her tribe – whether in person or virtually. Do a series of Facebook Lives with a call to action to schedule an Introductory Sales Call with you.

It’s all about increasing your visibility so that you are exposed to new crowds of people who are your potential clients. And then inviting those people to continue the journey with you through a series of calls to action, such as attending your webinar, opting into your list or scheduling a call with you.

The trick here is to get out of your comfort zone. Do something different. Do something that scares you. That’s when the big results happen!

Here’s the big takeaway: You are in charge of the amount of “water” in your well. You are in total control! Set the intention and work it. Soon enough, you’ll be amazed by your abundance and overjoyed with the wonderful clients you’re serving.

Jill Celeste - Marketing CoachABOUT JILL

Jill Celeste, MA is a bestselling author, marketing teacher and founder of the Celestial Marketing Academy. Jill teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs everything they need to know about marketing so they can become the Directors of Marketing for their businesses.

Jill is the author of the Amazon Top 25 Bestselling Marketing Book, That First Client, as well as the co-author of the bestseller, Cultivating Joy, and international bestseller, Gratitude and Grace.

Jill graduated with a B.A. in English from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. She obtained her master’s degree in history from the State University of Georgia in Carrollton. Prior to becoming a marketing coach, Jill worked for 14 years in the private sector, and has experience in marketing and public relations in healthcare, IT and small business.

Jill lives near Tampa, Florida, with her husband, two sons, three guinea pigs and a basset hound named Emma.

For more information about Jill’s programs, please visit www.jillceleste.com. To get a free copy of Jill’s Amazon Bestselling book, That First Client, please go to www.ThatFirstClient.com.


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