Should You Post Your Prices On Your Website?

It’s a question I get quite often from my students: Should I post my prices on my website?

Should You Post Your Prices On Your Website?

Unfortunately, the answer is as clear as mud. Why? Because it depends.

Here are some instances when you should consider posting your prices:

  • If you are offering products, then post your prices on your website. No one wants to guess how much a book or T-shirt costs.
  • If you are offering fixed-cost services, such as manicures or massages by the hour, then you should post your prices.
  • If you have an evergreen product, such as a quick start program or home study course, then post the price. (This is great for passive income!)

What about private coaching prices?

However, I do not recommend you post your private coaching prices on your website. Instead, you want your ideal clients to have an introductory sales call with you (and you share your pricing during the call). Here are four reasons why:

#1: Your ideal clients may talk themselves out of working with you

What happens if your ideal client sees your coaching prices and has a “lack” mindset? Immediately, she will talk herself out of working with you.

For example, many of my ideal clients (purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are just starting out or haven’t seen a profit yet) will talk themselves out of making an investment upon seeing the prices because of their “lack” mindset. It’s not a question of affordability – it’s an issue of self-worth and making the investment.

If I can speak to them instead, I can help them understand that they need to make an investment – with me or someone else – to help them grow their businesses. And this conversation would never occur if I posted my prices on my website (which I think, honestly, would be a disservice to my ideal clients).

#2: You don’t want to honor outdated pricing

Second, if you post your prices on your website, you run the risk of someone printing them out and holding on to them for a long time, and expecting you to honor those prices when they are no longer what you charge. Even with disclaimers on the web page, this happens (yes, it has happened to me). Not having your prices posted eliminates this uncomfortable conversation all together.

#3: You want to make sure you’re sharing your prices with only your ideal clients

Another reason for not posting your coaching prices is because you want to ensure the sales prospect is really your ideal client, and the only way to determine this is through a phone call. If, after speaking to the perspective client, you decide it’s not a good fit, you can then refer them to someone else. It doesn’t matter at this point if they can afford your packages or not; you shouldn’t take them on either way.

#4: You can ‘down sell’ a lower-cost solution during your introductory sales call

Finally, if the person is your ideal client, and they want to work with you but can’t afford your packages, then you can offer them a lower cost solution during the introductory sales call. Once your ideal client purchases this solution from you, you can add them to your sales follow-up list and continue to nurture her. Again, these conversations can only occur because you got this person on the phone – and because you didn’t post your private coaching prices on your website.

Take imperfect action. You can change it later.At the end of the day, look in your heart, and make the best decision for you and your business. Many entrepreneurs are 100 percent transparent about their pricing and post everything, while others want to speak with their potential customers on the phone before revealing any prices.

Some entrepreneurs, including me, do a mixture: posting prices on evergreen programs but not posting prices for their coaching programs.

Find the right solution for you, and know this: You can always change your pricing and your webpages at any time. Take imperfect action and modify as you go.

10 thoughts on “Should You Post Your Prices On Your Website?

  1. Kathleen

    Hi Jill,

    I have gone back and forth on this issue. I am just one of those people that want to know up front and so I post my fees, but also, I have square space so I have to post amounts in order for clients to put my programs into box.

    How would you get around this?

    Thanks:) Kathleen

  2. Rachel

    I am someone who will not contact someone who does not post their prices so I always post them upfront, but I see your points and you made me think. Maybe I will try something different to see how it works.

  3. Pamela

    Great post Jill. I have gone back and forth on this. I have my price for my signature program posted, mainly because I like to know upfront what the cost is before I look into a new program. However, you’ve given me some great points to consider. Thank you!

  4. Suzie Cheel

    Great Jill I like your thoughts here and think that is great. I did a discovery call yesterday, that mught not have come about if zi had prices for my coaching on there. I agree folliw your heart

  5. Zeenat Merchant Syal

    Jill darling, I’ve been toying with the idea of removing my prices from the website…but am still not sure. I like complete transparency. But your points here leave me thinking….
    Thank you!
    Much Love,


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