Staying Accountable To Your Marketing

If you work for someone else, your boss holds you accountable for completing tasks. When you work for yourself, though, you are your boss. So how do you hold yourself accountable?

Accountability is a challenge for many entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to their marketing. With the demands of running a business – plus juggling your personal life – it’s easy to see how an entrepreneur could push marketing to the side. However, when you are not being accountable for your marketing, your business will suffer.

Remember, you are the Director of Marketing for your business – and accountability is part of this equation.

So, how can you become more accountable to your marketing responsibilities? Here are five tips to help you:

Staying Accountable To Your Marketing

#1: Set a deadline

When you create a marketing plan, all of your tactics should have implementation dates (no exceptions!). Transfer these implementation dates to your calendar and treat them like a deadline. Just like you make sure to meet a client’s deadline, ensure you are meeting your marketing deadlines as well. Hold a “no excuses” approach to your own deadlines and block time on your calendar to get your tasks done.

#2: Make sure you have attainable goals

Attention big dreamers! While it’s important to think big and have long-term goals, when it comes to marketing, attainable goals are crucial. If you set too many “pie in the sky” goals on your marketing plan, you are dooming yourself for failure. Put the big goals in a vision document and step out how you will attain each one. Then, focus on how you will implement each step – one at a time – in your marketing plan.

By having manageable goals, you will have an easier time being accountable to them.

By having manageable goals, you will have an easier time being accountable to them. Incremental steps are easier to accomplish and less intimidating to pursue.

#3: Publicly state your intentions

When I wanted to attract 10 new clients to my practice as part of a business challenge, I told the world about it. I shared my intentions on social media, at networking meetings, though emails and letters, and during my workshops. Guess what? I made my goal of attracting 10 new clients.

When you publicly state your intentions, you are telling the world “I am accountable for this.” For many people, this provides the right motivation to stick to the task at hand.

#4: Find an accountability partner

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely job, especially if you are solopreneur. However, you don’t have to go it alone. Find a like-minded entrepreneur to be your accountability partner. Together, you will check in with each other on a frequent basis (usually daily), share goals, and make sure the other is sticking to her tactics and deadlines. Accountability partners are also great sounding boards for new ideas and everyday challenges.

#5: Hire a coach

Hiring a coach to help you with your marketing is a great way to help with accountability. If you are troubled by accountability, make sure to find a coach who has accountability in her coaching program (some will not). Coaches can help you define what you need to be held accountable for. Equally important, if you know you have paid for the service, you make yourself more accountable because you want to get value from your investment.

If you are an entrepreneur who has a hard time keeping yourself accountable to your marketing efforts, know you are not alone – and you can make yourself more accountable. The key is to find the right methods for your personality. If you are a deadline-driven worker, give yourself a deadline. If you need people to help nudge you along, find an accountability partner or hire a coach. However you do it, your business will benefit from going the extra mile to ensure you stay accountable to your marketing.

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