Stop The Marketing Madness!

There’s a famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein that says “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

And this certainly is true for many entrepreneurs and their marketing efforts. Do you often find yourself doing the same marketing tactics over and over again, and hoping you’ll get better results each time?

I am here to tell you: Stop the marketing madness! You shouldn’t be doing the same things repeatedly with your marketing if those “things” are not growing your business.

Stop The Marketing Madness!

How can you stop this vicious cycle of marketing madness? Here are four tips that will help:

#1: Write a marketing plan

One of the reasons why entrepreneurs do the same marketing over and over again is because they don’t plan their marketing activities. Writing a marketing plan solves this problem. You can strategize how and when you’ll market your products or services in your plan.

#2: Measure your results

When you write your marketing plan, you should include goals for each marketing tactic. Then, once each marketing tactic is complete, assess your actual results and compare against your goals. This analysis will help you decide if that marketing tactic worked for you and should be implemented again in the future (or dropped entirely).

#3: Know your target audience

You need to know your ideal client like you would your best friend or spouse. What is your ideal client thinking, saying, hearing and feeling? Complete an ideal client profile and create a persona for your ideal client. Then, when you look for marketing opportunities, ask yourself: Will this attract my ideal client?

#4: Get help from a marketing expert

If you are not marketing your business correctly, you are throwing chance to the wind. Invest in yourself and your company by hiring a marketing expert to help you. This could be a marketing agency, consultant, coach or employee. If hiring a marketing expert sounds cost prohibitive, ask yourself this question: Can I afford not to market my business effectively? Often times, the money you invest in marketing assistance comes back to you quickly because your marketing will be more effective and profitable.

Marketing madness is curable if you make a commitment to approach your marketing from a systematic – almost scientific – approach. Document with your marketing plan, test to see what works, analyze your results and make better marketing decisions. Hire someone to help you so you are not spinning your wheels with your marketing efforts. Marketing does not have to be arduous, but it does have to be effective. When you stop the marketing madness, you will begin to see profitable results from your marketing activities.

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