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“I am going to learn this marketing thing – once and for all.”

YThe world is full of beautiful things - just like you.ou are a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

What exactly does that mean? It means you’re on this Earth for a Purpose, and you have certain Gifts to share with the world, which help you fulfill your Purpose.

It’s a big responsibility, to be truthful. I know, because I am a purpose-driven entrepreneur too.

And I hang out with a lot of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and I coach purpose-driven entrepreneurs and I have taught purpose-driven entrepreneurs – both in the classroom and online.

Which all translate to this…

Here are some things I know about you, fellow purpose-driven entrepreneur:

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Early Bird Special Offer for the 21-Day Marketing Challenge

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL IS NOW OVER. To register for the 21-Day Marketing Challenge, please click here.


Dear Celestial Ones,

I have exciting news that I think you’ll be very interested in!

Starting today, I am holding an Early Bird Special Offer for November’s 21-Day Marketing Challenge.

While it’s two months away, I want to give you an opportunity to lock in a special rate and bonuses for signing up for the challenge today. Here’s the low down:

Here’s what you’ll get if you sign up for the 21-Day Marketing Challenge by TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22.

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