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Jill’s Top 6 Blog Posts of 2019

Jill’s Top 6 Blog Posts of 2019 by Jill CelesteIt’s one of my favorite blog posts to write – a yearly summary of my top blog posts! This year, I have chosen six blog posts that were loved by you based on social media shares, Google Analytics, and comments.

I am often surprised by what ends up on this list. Nevertheless, I am honored that my words help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

My big takeaway? You love spiritual marketing help – from Law of Attraction tips to help with your abundance mindset. I’ll be sure to offer more spiritual marketing blog posts in 2020.

One more thing: If there’s ever a blog topic you would love to see covered, please let me know. I am here to serve you!

#1: Law of Attraction Quotes To Help Your Marketing

Law of Attraction Quotes To Help Your Marketing by Jill Celeste

Check it out here: http://www.jillceleste.com/law-of-attraction-quotes-to-help-your-marketing/ Continue reading

Book Review: The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines

Book Review: The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene GainesDo you want unlimited prosperity? Most of us do. For entrepreneurs, the freedom to earn uncapped income is one of the reasons why we’re in business.

In The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Edwene Gaines proposes that prosperity and God are intrinsically linked. God wants you to be prosperous and wealthy (whatever that looks like for you), and to achieve your goals, you should follow these four spiritual laws of prosperity:

Law #1: Tithing

Law #2: Goal-setting

Law #3: Forgiveness

Law #4: Divine purpose

Each of these four laws are explained in detail. Gaines is a master storyteller. Her stories illustrate how the laws work, why you should implement each law, and the result if you do. Gaines has an amazing sense of humor, too.

Gaines also addresses any cynicism the reader may have. She invites you to be open-minded and try her method for six months (you have nothing to lose). She convinced me!

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity is an important book on your money mindset journey. Not only will you feel empowered about creating wealth, you’ll feel reassured that you are here on this Earth to do great things.

My big takeaways:

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5 Books That Helped Me Attract More Abundance

5 Books That Helped Me Attract More Abundance by Jill CelesteIn this week’s marketing strategy, I want to share with you five books that helped me attract more abundance.

What does that mean?

It means that when I implemented lessons from each book, I attracted more money, or got a client, or added to my bottom line.

There are a lot of books out there that promise you wealth and riches, but does the advice actually help?

For me, these five books helped. And one of these books has nothing to do with money!

Of course, I can’t promise you’ll have the same results, but I bet you’ll learn a nugget or two from each book.

Ready to learn more about these amazing books that helped my abundance? Let’s get to it.

 (Disclaimer: I am providing Amazon affiliate links to each book. If you purchase through my link, I will get a commission from Amazon.)

#1: The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene GainesSummary: In this book, Edwene Gaines teaches you the four spiritual laws of prosperity: tithing, goal setting, forgiveness, and divine purpose. She explains how each law works, why you need to implement them, and how it’s helped others (including herself). This book will test your Resistance, which is a signal that you should do what she’s recommending.

Why It Worked For Me: At the time of writing this blog post, I had just finished this book. I implemented one thing from the goal-setting law (Chapter 4), and it resulted in my attracting 10 clients to my book club. In this goal-setting chapter, she shares her manifestation formula, and the specific advice about “what do you need to change” was a game changer. Continue reading

11 Quotes To Help You Feel More Abundant

11 Quotes To Help You Feel More Abundant by Jill CelesteFor your marketing to work, you must feel abundant and not come from a place of scarcity. It may seem strange to consider an abundance mindset from a marketing perspective, but yes, marketing and abundance go together!

When you feel abundant, you are more confident in what you’re marketing. You’re bolder with your marketing messages. You detach from the outcome. And you come from a place of service.

Oh yes, feeling more abundant has everything to do with marketing.

I get it, though. Some days don’t feel very abundant. A client might be late paying an invoice, or your car needs an unexpected repair. When you’re feeling less-than-abundant, it’s time to reach for inspiration.

That’s where today’s blog post comes in…

I have to admit: I am a bit obsessed with inspirational quotes about money, wealth, and abundance. I post about these themes all the time on my Instagram account.

I thought: What better to share with my tribe than 11 of my favorite abundance quotes?

I hope each quote makes you feel abundant – and eager to shine your light and change the world. Continue reading