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4 Quick Ways To Increase Your Business Income

4 Quick Ways To Increase Your Business Income by Jill CelesteAre you looking for quick ways to increase your business income? Then this week’s marketing strategy is for you!

Before I delve into my four tips, let’s first address your mindset (because if you have a shitty mindset, none of these tips will work for you).

Here’s what I want you to know…

It’s about the service, not the cash. That means reframing your desire from “I need more money” to “I will serve more paying clients.” Doesn’t that sound less desperate? Less from a place of lack? Yes!

As you work on your mindset, implement one (or all four) of my “cash infusion” tips below.



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4 Ways To Get More Customers Through Social Media

Getting customers through social media is not an impossible task, but it often requires a different mindset on the part of the entrepreneur.

You see, many entrepreneurs are so concerned about “pushing” content on to their social media fans – and amassing tons of social media fans – that they forget that social media is really a way to converse with their clients – and not sell to them.

In fact, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, the best way to convert your social media fans into customers is to not sell to them through social media.

Check out this week’s marketing strategy where I share four ways you can get more customers through social media – and feel great about the process!


#1: Focus on the quality of your fans, not the quantity

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