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How To Attract Clients From Your Speaking Gigs

How To Attract Clients From Your Speaking GigsA great way to increase your visibility and share your knowledge is through public speaking.

Whether you’re speaking at a local networking group or hosting your own workshop, you can leverage these speaking opportunities to attract more clients to your business.

When you are a guest speaker, it’s important things to have a client attraction process in place for your speaking engagements. Here are some steps to consider: Continue reading

4 Ways To Get More Clients Now

Do you need more clients now?

While a goal for your business or coaching practice is to have a pipeline of sales prospects, sometimes you have to implement some “get clients now” strategies.

Here are four ways to get clients now for your business or coaching practice:

4 Ways To Get More Clients Now

#1: Ask for referrals

Humans are naturally wired to help others, so maximize on this innate quality by asking others for referrals. You will want to reach out to past and current clients, your networking group peers, vendors, colleagues, friends and family.  Send an email to each group and specify who your ideal client is so they know the best referral to send you. Also consider emailing your subscribers with a call to action to set up a Get-Acquainted Call with you (or to forward your email to anyone who could use your help). By providing specific information on who you help and how they can reach you, you will get your unpaid sales force working for you. Continue reading