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Are You Implementing The Right Marketing Tactics?

You may not have heard the term “marketing tactics” before, but marketing tactics are something you implement all the time.

Marketing tactics are the activities you implement when marketing your business. Facebook ads, blog posts, webinars, speaking at a networking meeting – these are all marketing tactics.

Which leads me to this question: Are you implementing the right marketing tactics?

Are You Implementing The Right Marketing Tactics? by Jill Celeste | www.jillceleste.com

The “right” marketing tactics are ones where you’re getting the most “bang for your buck.” They are successful in expanding your reach, increasing your visibility, attracting new clients and earning you more money. Continue reading

Time Management Tips for Blogging

Do you love to blog but hate the amount of time it takes? Or perhaps you are interested in blogging but not sure you have the time to make it work? For many, blogging can be a total “time drain,” but with the right techniques, you can blog more efficiently.

Here are five time management tips you can use for more efficient blogging:

Time Management Tips for Blogging

#1: Brainstorm a list of blog topics

Have you ever sat in front of your computer to start a blog post with no clue what to write about, and waste precious minutes trying to come up with a topic? Continue reading