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Building Your Tribe Through Your Facebook Page


In this video, you will learn the following:

  • How Facebook pages are great for tribe building
  • How to post questions to engage your tribe
  • The importance of sharing personal tidbits on your Facebook page
  • Why you should be sharing information that will benefit your tribe

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Write Like You Speak

Usually, when I release my new blog post for the week, I have a video to go with it.

However, this week, I am foregoing the video because I think this post is so important that I need you to read it (not listen to it). I hope you’ll hang with me here.

You need to build a tribe

I often tell my clients, students and workshop participants that it’s essential to work on building a tribe through your online marketing (especially social media).

Here’s the definition of a tribe that I like, compliments of Seth Godin: Your tribe is a group of people connected to you, to an idea and to each other.


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