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Be A Better Community Member

Be A Better Community Member by Jill CelesteBeing a better community member may seem like it has nothing to do with your business, but I ask that you stick with me here.

In this week’s marketing strategy, we’ll talk about why it’s important to be a better community member (Hint: It has everything to do with your business!).

First, allow me to define what I mean by “community member.”

I am referring to online communities you belong to, specifically entrepreneurs you may follow on social media. If you’re like me, you soak up the wisdom of other entrepreneurs, especially those up the ladder from you.

We watch their videos, read their blog posts, get inspired by their social media posts – in other words, consuming all they have to offer.

But are we sharing their content? Buying from them? Leaving more than a “like” on their posts? 

Or are we just being content consumers…

Please keep reading. I’ll explain why we need to be better community members and how to do it.



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