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Don’t Worry About Your Competitors

Coke versus Pepsi, McDonalds versus Burger King, Ford versus Chevrolet – is it any wonder that entrepreneurs are constantly worried about their competitors? One look at the big brands and you’d think that’s the right approach.Don’t Worry About Your Competitors

I want to challenge you to change your mindset about your competitors. Are you ready?

The world needs your competitors and you.

You see, not every person you meet will be able to work with you. Perhaps you and a prospect don’t have the right vibe, maybe you’re located in the wrong city or perhaps your offerings don’t meet the needs of that person.

And so when that sales prospect finds that synergy with your competitor, that’s a good thing. Wish her well and focus your energies on the rest of the people who do need you. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to spin your wheels trying to connect with someone who isn’t meant to work with you? Even further, aren’t you glad that sales prospect found someone perfect for him? Continue reading