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What Can You Really Control In Your Marketing?

What Can You Really Control In Your Marketing? by Jill CelesteLet’s admit it: Entrepreneurs are control freaks and, as a result, want to control everything when it comes to their businesses and marketing.

Hey, I get it, because I’m a “control enthusiast” too.

I love to be in control! Being in control feels like I can dictate the outcomes.

Truth be told, though, it’s just a perception, isn’t it?

I mean – are we really in control of every aspect of our marketing?

No. We are not in control of everything in marketing.

When you realize this, it should help you loosen your grip and feel better about your marketing results. Chances are, you are worried about things you have no control over.

Please keep reading to learn more about what you’re really controlling in your marketing – and how to lean into what you can control (truly).



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