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Detach From The Outcome

Detaching from the outcome by Jill CelesteThe hardest mindset shift I’ve had to make as an entrepreneurs is this one: Detach from the outcome.

The control freak in me likes to control everything, including the outcomes of my marketing efforts.

But I don’t really have control, do I?

You see, trying to control something that I didn’t have control over was killing my mindset. I would create these goals – I need this many people to enroll – and then be crushed when I didn’t make the goal.

So crushed, in fact, that I thought seriously about quitting my business.

I don’t want you to go down this rabbit hole, which is why I wrote this week’s marketing strategy about how to detach from the outcome.

Truth bomb: If you can master this concept, it will change your business. Let’s get started.



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