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Perfectionism Is Killing Your Business


Are you a perfectionist? I know most entrepreneurs are (including me!). I am often paralyzed by my perfectionist streak, and I am here to tell you: My perfectionism prevents me from growing an an entrepreneur.

Perfectionism Is Killing Your Business by Jill Celeste

In this video, you will learn the following:

  • My personal struggles with perfectionism (there’s a lesson here!)
  • The two signs the Universe gave me to nudge me along
  • How this relates to marketing your business
  • A pep talk on why you need to overcome your perfectionism and move forward, imperfectly

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Creative Inspirations From Archangel Gabriel

Creative Inspirations from Archangel Gabriel by Jill CelesteDearest Celestial One:

I believe in God and Angels.

It was not until recently, though, that I started to read more about angels. There’s one angel in particular – Archangel Gabriel – who always fascinated me.

You see, I was not raised in a “church-going” home, so my spiritual teachings have come to me as an adult.

However, when I was a teenager, I heard Sting’s rendition of “Gabriel’s Message” on a Christmas album, and I was immediately intrigued by this “messenger angel.”



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