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You Are Not Behind

You Are Not Behind by Jill CelesteHear this and know: You are not behind.

You are not behind in your marketing. You are not behind in your earnings. You are not behind with modules from a course you bought.

You are, in fact, exactly where you need to be.

A common Ego accusation that plays in female entrepreneurs’ minds is about being behind – as if there’s some type of universal timetable you’re missing out on.

Don’t let your Ego win this battle!

Please keep reading as I break down the “I am behind” bullshit so that you can put this to rest – and continue on your Divine journey.



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Your Ego Is A Crappy Marketing Coach

Your Ego is a crappy marketing coach.

What do I mean by that?

Your Ego’s job is to keep you “playing small” so that you’re always safe.

However, to grow your business and market successfully, you can’t play it small. You have to take risks. You have to get out of your comfort zone.

(Good marketing coaches encourage you to go bigger. Your Ego never does. See why it’s a crappy marketing coach?)

I hope you’ll take time to check out this week’s marketing strategy, because it’s an important part of your marketing mindset.

If you want to succeed, you’ll follow the advice here. I promise: It will help!

Your Ego is a crappy marketing coach by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com



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