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How To Write An Elevator Speech

Your elevator speech is an important part of your brand messaging. It succinctly identifies who you are and who you help.

When written well, your elevator speech can be a powerful client attraction magnet – pulling your ideal clients to you.

Whether you need to write your elevator speech for the first time or need to update yours, be sure to check out the two elevator speech formulas in this weekly marketing strategy.

How To Write An Elevator Speech by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com

I think you’ll love having more than one elevator speech at your disposal. Keep reading to learn more.



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Imperfect Action Marketing

Have you ever heard of the expression, “Done is better than perfect”?

When it comes to marketing their businesses, entrepreneurs are often paralyzed by wanting things “just so,” which results in not taking any action at all.

It’s time to stop wanting to be perfect. It’s time to embrace Imperfect Action Marketing.


What is Imperfect Action Marketing?

Imperfect Action Marketing is when you stop reaching for perfection in your marketing, and, instead, embrace a “done is better than perfect” mindset.

Here’s why Imperfect Action Marketing is important:

  • You’ll get more accomplished.
  • You’ll feel better with faster implementation.
  • Only you know if something is imperfect – not your ideal clients.
  • You’ll more than likely get more clients because you’re marketing, even if it’s imperfectly.

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5 Ways To Prepare For A Conference

Do you love to attend conferences? Me too!

Not only do you learn new content, you get to network with like-minded people – some of whom could be your future clients or referral partners.

Before attending your next conference, think about how you can prepare for it from a marketing perspective. A successful conference can boost your visibility and marketing, especially if you accomplish these tasks before the conference:

5 Ways To Prepare For A Conference

#1: Identify what you hope to accomplish with the conference

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How To Prepare For A Networking Meeting

How To Prepare For A Networking MeetingOne of the best ways to grow your business is to attend in-person networking meetings.

Networking meetings are not only great ways to find customers, but they also help you build an “unpaid sales force” of people who can refer business to you.

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