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Sending An E-Newsletter To Your Tribe

Sending An E-Newsletter To Your Tribe by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.comSending an e-newsletter to your tribe on a consistent and frequent basis is a must for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, especially if you want to market online.

Here are some reasons why you should send an e-newsletter:

  • E-newsletters give you the opportunity to touch base with your ideal clients in a “non-salesy” way.
  • Your e-newsletter allows you to showcase your expertise, which helps with the know-like-trust factor. (Remember, people only buy from those they trust.)
  • In addition to your expertise, you can show your personality, which also helps with the know-like-trust factor.
  • E-newsletters keep your name “top of mind,” which can help with sales and referrals.

To help you with your e-newsletter strategy, I’ve answered the most frequently-asked questions I get from my tribe about producing their e-newsletters. Let’s get started:

How often should I send my e-newsletter?

I recommend once a week. Again, your job is to keep your name “top of mind,” and when you send an e-newsletter once a week, your ideal client will see your name every seven days. Continue reading

Marketing And National Tragedies

Mass shootings, hurricanes, earthquakes – these are the events that try us all.

As entrepreneurs, how do we manage our marketing during national or international tragedies?

I’ll admit: I don’t have the right answers, but I can share with you some tips based on what I do, and what I’ve seen other entrepreneurs do. I hope it helps.

Marketing and National Tragedies by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com



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Free, Free, Free, Fee for Autoresponders

If you google what type of autoresponder emails you should send with a lead magnet, you’ll get lots of different ideas.

The trick is to find a process that fits your marketing energy!

That’s why I love the “Free, Free, Free, Fee” formula that I was taught years ago. It’s in total alignment with my authentic marketing strategies because it’s all about giving.

Free, Free, Free, Fee For Autorresponders by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com

To learn more about “Free, Free, Free, Fee,” check out this week’s marketing strategy:



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What Can You Cut From Your Marketing?

Look at your marketing. Is there anything you can delete?

What can you cut from your marketing

It’s funny to hear a marketing coach ask this question, I suppose, because you usually hear us say “market more!”

And while they are merits to “market more,” it’s also important to assess where your marketing and to whom you’re marketing to see if you can simplify things. Continue reading

How To Start Your E-Newsletter

Do you want to build deeper connections with your email list? Then, you should definitely consider sending out an e-newsletter (or sometimes called “ezine”) to your subscribers.

When you consistently send an e-newsletter to your tribe, you are building trust and authority, which will help you attract your ideal clients. (Remember, people buy from those they trust!).

In addition, an e-newsletter helps to “condition” your readers to expect high-quality content from you on a regular basis, and they’ll grow to respect your content, especially over time. It’s a great way to build strong relationships with your subscribers, allowing you to stay on their radar screens.

You may be wondering, though, how you should put together an e-newsletter. Here are some tips to help you plan and publish your e-newsletter:

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