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Improve Your Marketing Through Benchmarking

Have you ever looked at another entrepreneur’s business and/or life and thought: “Wow, I wish I had her success!”

I know I do. It’s a natural reaction, believe me, as long as it comes from a place of learning and love.

Think of this analogy (one taught to me by my business mentor): If you want to move up the ladder, you have to look up and see who’s already there – and learn from them.

You won’t get up that ladder by looking next to you, or below you.

So, look up the ladder and find entrepreneurs you can learn from. The process is called benchmarking.

Learning to benchmark others

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Creating A Powerful (But Loving) Follow-Up Sales Process

I’ll be the first to admit: I am not comfortable with the entire sales process. It’s a necessary part of building my business, though, so I am coming to terms with selling my services. Here’s how I am adjusting my “salesperson” mindset:

First, I needed to accept my discomfort with selling. Then, I had to accept that selling is just a means for people to get the marketing help they need. Finally, I focused in on the parts of the selling process that makes me feel the “ickiest.”

And for me, I feel the most “icky” when I am following up with my sales prospects.  So, to help combat these feelings, I created a powerful but loving follow-up sales process that may help you too.

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