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Don’t Get Hung Up On How Many Fans You Have

Don’t Get Hung Up On How Many Fans You Have

One of the areas of stress for many entrepreneurs and career professionals is about the number of fans or followers they have on social media. How many Facebook fans should you have? How can I get more Twitter followers? Is 500 the magic number for LinkedIn connections?

You see, humans like to wrap their heads around the tangible, and follower count seems like a tangible way to measure success on social media. Continue reading

25 Tips for Getting More Pinterest Followers

25 Tips To Get More Pinterest FollowersYou’ve heard all the rage about Pinterest, but do you know how to attract more followers to Pinterest?

The more followers you have, the more your personal brand will get exposure!

Check out these 25 tips on how to increase your Pinterest followers:

  1. Build interesting pinboards. Research what types of boards and pins would be attractive to your target market.
  2. Use captivating images. No one likes boring images on Pinterest! Continue reading