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When The Fraud Factor Stops You From Marketing

When The Fraud Factor Stops You From Marketing by Jill CelesteWhat is “The Fraud Factor”? It’s a common mindset block for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and can wield its ugly head in many ways:

  • Feeling like you have less experience, education, or credentials than others in your industry
  • Wondering “who do you think you are” giving out advice when your own business/life/relationship is a hot mess
  • Second guessing why anyone would want to work with you when they can work with Mr. So and So.

Do these sound familiar? Chances are you’ve felt these fraud factor conditions during your entrepreneurial journey.

The Fraud Factor can be debilitating – not only for your mindset, but also for your marketing.

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will give you tips on how to bust through the Fraud Factor block and become more visible in your marketing.

When you recognize that “who do you think you are” message is really just your Ego, you can push past it, market more effectively, and start helping more people!



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