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14 Marketing Terms Every Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Should Know

Have you ever read a marketing article and saw terms that you didn’t know what they meant and how they apply to your purpose-driven business?

I promise; marketing is not rocket science. But like any discipline, it has its own jargon. Once you have an understanding of marketing jargon, your comfort level with marketing will improve.

That’s why I have compiled a list of 14 marketing terms that you should know. My intention is to not only define these terms but to help you understand how they apply to your business. Let’s get started!

14 marketing terms every purpose driven entrepreneur should know. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

Marketing plan

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Visualizing Your Vision

Over the weekend, I worked on my new Vision Board. My last one was about two years old, and much had shifted for me (and many of my visions came true!), so it was time to create a new one.

I love this process because I feel so Divinely guided as I look through magazines, finding images and words that trigger something in me.

Here’s the end result:

Jill Celeste's 2017 Vision Board, www.JillCeleste.com

Here’s what I discovered through this process:

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Staying Accountable To Your Marketing

If you work for someone else, your boss holds you accountable for completing tasks. When you work for yourself, though, you are your boss. So how do you hold yourself accountable?

Accountability is a challenge for many entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to their marketing. With the demands of running a business – plus juggling your personal life – it’s easy to see how an entrepreneur could push marketing to the side. However, when you are not being accountable for your marketing, your business will suffer.

Remember, you are the Director of Marketing for your business – and accountability is part of this equation.

So, how can you become more accountable to your marketing responsibilities? Here are five tips to help you:

Staying Accountable To Your Marketing

#1: Set a deadline

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4 Ways To Assess And Improve Your Marketing

Marketing is a continuous process. One of the constant struggles for entrepreneurs is how to make their marketing even better. That’s why it’s imperative to re-evaluate your marketing efforts every three months. Only then, can you continue to improve your marketing strategy.

Here are four elements of your marketing strategy that you can re-evaluate to improve your marketing:

4 Ways To Assess And Improve Your Marketing

#1: Measure the results of your marketing plan

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How To Set Marketing Goals

Setting marketing goals are important because you need something to measure your results against, but if your goals are too high or too low, they aren’t helping you much.

And what if you have no idea what goal to set for a particular marketing tactic? It can like be pulling numbers out of the air sometimes.

Listen to my video strategy where I share with you a three-tiered goal-setting approach that will help you make smarter and more effective marketing goals for your business.


Jill Celeste Transcript: How To Set Marketing Goals

Today let’s talk about setting marketing goals. Goals are really awesome for marketing because they give you something to compare your results against. It gives you some type of benchmark that you can say “Yep, this tactic was successful”, or “Eek, this tactic didn’t quite meet it.” Here’s the thing: goals are kind of worthless if you set them too high or if you set them too low. What I find even in my own experience is sometimes you really don’t know how to set the goal. Maybe you’re doing something for the first time – maybe it’s a new market or a new tactic – and  you really don’t know what kind of goal to assign to it. Continue reading