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The Next Evolution of my Marketing

Have you ever had a message bottled up inside of you, ready to emerge like a butterfly from her cocoon?

Me too.

You see: I’ve been hiding my truth because I am scared. Fear of conflict, fear of the time commitment, fear of being called a fraud – these have played in “surround sound” in my head.

But I can’t hide anymore. We can’t hide anymore. It’s time to unfold our wings and take flight.

Here’s my truth…

I am a spiritual mentor and changemaker who is empowering female entrepreneurs to lean into their Divine Gifts and feminine power.

(It still scares the crap out of me, just to type those words. Know what I mean?)

I believe (quite firmly) that it’s time for us to step into our full truths. I am stepping into my full truth, starting right now.

As I begin this journey, my marketing must evolve, which is why I am writing this message.  I want to summarize for you the next chapter of my marketing – and who it’s aimed for.

Why? Because I believe in being transparent in my marketing. Equally important, I want to inspire you to embrace the next evolution of your marketing (no matter what it looks like).

Let’s get started.

The Next Evolution of my Marketing by Jill Celeste

My ideal clients

First, allow me to explain who my ideal clients are – because everything I do in my business is for them. Continue reading