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3 Ways To Grow Your Email List Through Partnerships

Having an email list full of your ideal customers is an essential part of growing your business. That’s because email marketing is one of the most effective and easiest ways to sell your products and services.  In a September 2014 survey by Ascend2, 54% of marketers surveyed indicated that email marketing delivered the most return on investment (ROI).

So, how can you attract your ideal customers to your email list? One of the most powerful ways is to partner with other entrepreneurs and organizations.

Check out these three ways to grow your email list through partnerships:

3 Ways To Grow Your Email List Through Partnerships

#1: A one-on-one joint partnership

A one-on-one joint partnership is a “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” type of relationship. With this type of partnership, you agree to email your list an offer from your partner, and your partner agrees to do the same. For example, one time I did a one-on-one joint partnership with a fellow entrepreneur where we hosted webinars to each other’s lists. She did a webinar one month to my peeps, and I did a webinar the following month to hers. Continue reading