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3 Lessons Learned From The Product I Didn’t Launch

3 Lessons Learned From The Product I Didn’t Launch by Jill CelesteSome of the greatest lessons are from the things you don’t do, and that was certainly the case last month when I decided to not launch a new product.

You see, lessons are everywhere, if you look for them.

Including in places where you least expect them – such as when you come up with a great idea, put out some feelers, and then decide to table it all.

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will talk more about the product that didn’t happen, why it didn’t happen, and what I learned from it.

My intention is singular: To remind you that failures are only lessons. I hope this information inspires you when you have a failed launch, or back out of a new product, or experience whatever setback comes your way.

Let’s dig in!



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