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Celestial Changemakers Course

Female entrepreneurs, it’s time to raise our voices.

Why? Because this our current reality:

Women are expected to be quiet, polite, and differential.

Women are expected to look amazingly perfect – all while putting on a façade of a perfect life, marriage, home, and children.

Women are not supposed to be troublemakers. We are not supposed to create conflict and rock the boat.

(And when we do, we’re called bitches…or worse).

Women are supposed to love our children but not try to change the world for them.

Our society does not trust women – from making decisions about what’s best for our bodies to not believing us when we accuse men of rape or sexual harassment.

Women are supposed to be small – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and not take up space.

It’s time for this to end.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of it.

It’s time for female entrepreneurs to lead the charge – to raise our voices and to have a bigger presence – and use our platforms and businesses to make the world a better place for all humans (for generations to come).

You see, female entrepreneur, we are leaders. We are changemakers. We are here – not to be silent – but to be a strong voice and to advocate for a better world.

Our world is at a crossroads. We can stay on our current path filled with sexism, racism, xenophobia, climate change denial, voter suppression, and other injustices. Or we can take a new path – one of love, compassion, human rights, equal rights, and green policies.

I vote for the new path. How about you?

You see: Female entrepreneurs can be the shepherds who bring this world to love, enlightenment, justice, and equality.

Female entrepreneurs can be the shepherds who bring this world to love, enlightenment, justice, and equality. - Jill Celeste

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Celestial SpotLight: Dr. Ginny Baro

Today’s Celestial SpotLight features Dr. Ginny Baro from www.executivebound.com.

Dr. Ginny Baro

What is your profession?
Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Author. My upcoming book is “The Inside Job: Five Life Strategies to Thrive in Career and Life.”

Who are your ideal clients? Who do you heal or help?
My mission is to help women in corporate who struggle with fitting in, balancing career and their personal life, and who doubt their ability to succeed. I am thrilled to help women in corporate connect with their authentic feminine leadership style so that they increase their influence, impact and well-being.
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Celestial SpotLight: Yas Sharif Dominguez

Today’s Celestial SpotLight features Yas Sharif Dominguez from yaslifecoach.com.

Yas Sharif Dominguez

What is your profession?
Life Coach/Motivational Speaker

Who are your ideal clients? Who do you heal or help?
An individual of the LGBT community that needs to find their true self and not sabotaging themselves.
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The Lightworker’s Sales Pipeline

In this week’s marketing strategy, I break down The Lightworker’s Sales Pipeline – an authentic, love-filled sales process that will help Lightworkers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs with selling their services to their ideal clients.



The Lightworker’s Sales Pipeline (PDF)

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Celestial SpotLight: Cheryl J. Muir

Today’s Celestial SpotLight features Cheryl J. Muir from cherylmuir.com.

Cheryl J. Muir

What is your profession?
Well… I have a number of strings to my bow! The short answer – I’m an author, entrepreneur and former Public Relations professional, and I help aspiring authors make their book dream happen.
But I always say:
My heart and soul is an author.
My brain is an entrepreneur.
My qualifications show I’m a marketer and media expert and a Certified Life Coach.

Who are your ideal clients? Who do you heal or help?
I work with incredibly driven, creative women who have a yearning to write a book. Often, it’s an idea they’ve had for many years and they don’t know where to start and they feel overwhelmed. My clients come from a variety of backgrounds. Sometimes they are entrepreneurs who secretly want to write fiction; other times, they are working in their day job and want to write self-help. Watching their eyes light up as they realize their book dream IS possible gives me such a rush! It’s immensely satisfying.
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