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The Lightworker’s Sales Pipeline

In this week’s marketing strategy, I break down The Lightworker’s Sales Pipeline – an authentic, love-filled sales process that will help Lightworkers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs with selling their services to their ideal clients.



The Lightworker’s Sales Pipeline (PDF)

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Celestial SpotLight: Cheryl J. Muir

Today’s Celestial SpotLight features Cheryl J. Muir from cherylmuir.com.

Cheryl J. Muir

What is your profession?
Well… I have a number of strings to my bow! The short answer – I’m an author, entrepreneur and former Public Relations professional, and I help aspiring authors make their book dream happen.
But I always say:
My heart and soul is an author.
My brain is an entrepreneur.
My qualifications show I’m a marketer and media expert and a Certified Life Coach.

Who are your ideal clients? Who do you heal or help?
I work with incredibly driven, creative women who have a yearning to write a book. Often, it’s an idea they’ve had for many years and they don’t know where to start and they feel overwhelmed. My clients come from a variety of backgrounds. Sometimes they are entrepreneurs who secretly want to write fiction; other times, they are working in their day job and want to write self-help. Watching their eyes light up as they realize their book dream IS possible gives me such a rush! It’s immensely satisfying.
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Celestial SpotLight: Nicole Wettemann

Today’s Celestial SpotLight features Nicole Wettemann from nicolewettemann.com.

Nicole Wettemann

What is your profession?
Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor

Who are your ideal clients? Who do you heal or help?
I provide holistic life coaching to women that are ready to dig deep and excavate their authentic self. Women that are ready to claim the life they have always imagined and are looking for a path to rediscovering their voice, their passion and their life purpose.
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You Don’t Have To Sell Your Soul To Market Your Business

I recently opted in to receive a free book from a noted marketing expert*.

I love a good book, but I was equally curious about how this marketer would leverage his book to market to me.

You Don’t Have To Sell Your Soul To Market Your Business

Here’s what happened:

  • I completed the opt-in page for the book and clicked through to get the accompanying free training.
  • I was taken to a webpage where I listened to a sales video about a $300 product.
  • I wasn’t interested. To get to my free training, I had to click a button that read “No, I am not interested in getting more clients now.”
  • Then a new page appeared, where I was pitched the same product again – this time with a payment plan.
  • I declined again.
  • I was then shown another video on a completely different product – with a two-part payment plan. I still wasn’t interested and declined again (yes, still clicking the “No, I am not interested in getting more clients now” button).
  • Finally, I reached the last screen where I could access the free training I was promised with the book.

I was so exhausted and annoyed after being pitched to three times, I decided to not watch the free training video. Continue reading

Lightworkers, The World Needs You

I type this message from the comfort of my desk, but I am anything but comfortable.

In fact, I am utterly uncomfortable.

Recent events in my country have me worried. I see so much hate and vitriol in my Facebook feed that I can’t even stand to look at it.

So, this is my plea to all Lightworkers. We need you.

Lightworkers, The World Needs You

I know many of you are out there, doing your beautiful thing. But I also know that many of you are scared – and hiding.

Please don’t hide. Continue reading