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What’s Your Word For The Year?

What’s Your Word For The Year? by Jill CelesteHave you picked out your word for the year?

The new year is coming quickly, and having a designated word or phrase can be so helpful – like having a North Star on next year’s journey.

Here are some of my past “words for the year”:

2018 – Create (a reminder to create content because I am a teacher at heart)

2019 – Allow (to help me remember to loosen my grip on things)

For 2020, my word for the year is “Loud.”

I chose Loud because I want to remember the following:

  • Societally, women are expected to be quiet. However, it’s time to shed these societal expectations and raise our voices, individually and collectively.
  • In my marketing, it’s time to make Meaningful Noise™ – to turn up the volume on my marketing activities and get my message out there.
  • My ideal clients can’t find me unless I get loud!
  • I can change the world if I get louder.

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My 2020 Marketing Plan

My 2020 Marketing Plan by Jill CelesteHave you thought about your 2020 marketing plan? Now is the time! Even if you just plan for the first quarter, you’ll appreciate having a road map for your marketing journey.

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will share aspects of my 2020 marketing plan with you. It’s a work in progress, but I think what I’m planning will inspire you.

Before I get into specifics about my marketing plan, let me remind you why it’s important to have one:

  1. Marketing plans are your road maps. Just like you wouldn’t drive to Provo, Utah, without some type of navigation, you don’t want to market your business without a plan to help you reach your destination.
  2. All successful businesses have something in common: their marketing plan. Even the smallest of businesses need one.
  3. Marketing plans are great for helping you stay focused. Got Shiny Object Syndrome? You can steer your attention away from Shiny Objects by saying “this is not in my marketing plan.” (This works wonders!)

I’m excited to share with you what I have (so far) for my 2020 marketing plan. Ready to get inspired? Let’s do this.



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6 Free Resources To Help You Write Your Marketing Plan

Free resources to help you write your marketing plan by Jill CelesteYou need a marketing plan.

It’s an essential part of your job as Director of Marketing for your business.

Your marketing plan is a roadmap that will help you reach your goals. 

Just as you wouldn’t plan a road trip to Provo, Utah, without consulting GPS, Google Maps, or even a road atlas, you shouldn’t do marketing without a plan.

If you’re like many solopreneurs, though, you’re not sure where to get started with writing a marketing plan. That’s where this blog post comes in!

It’s my honor to share with you these six free resources that will help you write your marketing plan.

Remember: We work on our marketing plans twice a year in The Celestial Circle (June and November). So, if you ever need more direction and support, please consider joining The Celestial Circle  during our open enrollment periods so I can help you.

#1: How To Write A Marketing Plan

Download a free four-page printable to help you write your marketing plan. www.JillCeleste.com

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Mid-Year Planning starts June 1

Mid-Year Planning with The Celestial Circle

Hi, everyone!

I am super pleased to announce The Celestial Circle’s learning theme for June…2019 Mid-Year Planning!

Together, we will map out your marketing and business development for the rest of 2019. 

Most entrepreneurs do not plan their marketing, especially beyond the next 30 days, and this is why they often feel like they’re not in control of their marketing.

If you crave:

  • Better marketing organization
  • Answers on how to market your business
  • Less overwhelm when it comes to your marketing tasks

Then you want to join The Celestial Circle for 2019 Mid-Year Planning!

What you’ll receive from 2019 Mid-Year Planning:

  • Your 24-page 2019 Mid-Year Planning Packet, where you will reflect on your 2019 (so far) and map out your remaining 2019 marketing and business development – all through easy-to-complete worksheets
  • Blank 2019 calendar to help you with your planning (of course, you’re welcome to use your own calendar!)
  • Exclusive access to my popular 2019 Mid-Year Planning Day live workshop– this is when you’ll roll up your sleeves and work with your Celestial Circle tribe and me to plan out the rest of 2019 (and this is the only way to participate in the 2019 Mid-Year Planning Day!)
  • Facebook Group prompts to keep you accountable to your planning tasks

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Picking Your Essential Marketing Tasks

Picking Your Essential Marketing TasksAs the Director of Marketing for your business, it’s important that you only work on essential marketing tasks.

Let me define what I mean by “essential marketing tasks.”

So many times, entrepreneurs implement too many marketing activities at the same time.

The problem with this strategy is that you are not doing any one marketing activity well. You are spread too thin, which is hard when you’re a solopreneur.

You are never sure if you’re gaining maximum power from marketing because you can’t implement any one marketing activity fully.

Think of a series of holes in the ground. You could dig 12 holes at two inches in depth – and spread your marketing around that way. Or you could dig two holes at 12 inches in depth – and go deeper into each marketing tactic.

Spoiler alert: For solopreneurs, the two deep holes will get you more profitable results.

Let’s take a look at your essential marketing tasks in this week’s marketing strategy.



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