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You Need To Market Every Day

You Need To Market Every DayYou are the Director of Marketing for your business.

It’s the most important job you have in your business because without marketing, you won’t have a business.

Which leads me to this…

You need to market your business every day.

(Now, I am not talking about weekends, holidays and vacation time. I am talking about the days when you’re actually in the office, okay?)


Why should you market every day? Here’s a little quiz:

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Pray. But also plan.

What do you need to have a successful 2016?

You may answer (with a twinkle in your eye):

  • A winning lotto ticket
  • An unexpected inheritance
  • Being interviewed by Oprah
  • A HUGE book deal

LOL! Wouldn’t any of these be fantastic?

Here’s the reality, though:

You can click your heels…

You can pray…

You can write out your goal cards…

You can even hope for lotto tickets and Oprah and book deals – but you and I both know there’s more to being a successful entrepreneur than this.

Yes, pray. But also PLAN.

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How To Make Your Marketing Even Better

How To Make Your Marketing Even BetterMarketing your business is a continuous process. I like to refer to it as a journey because effective marketing can take your business to new places you’ve never imagined!

One of the constant struggles for entrepreneurs is understanding how to make their marketing even better.

This often becomes a question at the end of the year, when entrepreneurs wonder how to improve their marketing for a more profitable new year. To be honest, though, you shouldn’t be asking this question only in December.

Ideally, assess ways to improve your marketing every quarter. This will help you make the necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy as you need them.

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My Love Letter To You

Dear Entrepreneur,

I have been thinking about you…

I know you pour your heart and soul into your business. You have such a tremendous gift to share with the world. Thank you for being you.

Despite your passion and purpose, though, your business isn’t growing.

In fact, when you look back at 2015, you wonder: Did I make the best marketing decisions?  

Jill Celeste reflecting on 2015 marketing

When you reflect on this year’s marketing, you can see it was plagued with distractions – and you made so many haphazard marketing decisions that didn’t deliver the results you hoped for.

Honestly, you just wish you knew exactly what to implement because you’re so sick and tired of guessing. (Because the “guessing” isn’t getting you anywhere!)

It really boils down to this: 2016 has to be a better year for your business.
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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Marketing Plan

Every successful business has one thing in common: a marketing plan.Do you have a marketing plan?

If not, you are not alone. Most clients who hire me as their coach are often without a marketing plan. And this is the most common mistake entrepreneurs make with their marketing.

If you look at every successful business, they have one thing in common: A marketing plan.

And it’s time you wrote yours.

The importance of a marketing plan


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