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The Truth About Marketing on Facebook

The Truth About Marketing on FacebookMore than likely, you have heard the complaints, rumors and general “scuttlebutt” about the difficulties businesses are having marketing through Facebook.

In general, if you have a Facebook business page, Facebook does not guarantee that all of your Facebook fans will see your posts. In fact, only a small portion of your Facebook fans will – unless you pay Facebook to advertise your post and business page.

For example, my Facebook page has almost 900 fans; however, anywhere from 22-151 people see my posts (at best, 16% of my fans). The more interaction my post receives, the higher the reach, but it’s difficult to reach all of your fans organically. This is by design. Facebook is a public company, and its advertising is a source of revenue.  As some people say, you have to “pay to play” if you want to market your business through Facebook. Continue reading

3 Tips On How To Constantly Keep Up With Blog Content

Writing blog posts is an excellent way to show your expertise, which is an important part of your personal branding strategy. You may be wondering, though, how you can constantly keep up with creating new content for your blog. In other words, how do you ensure you never run out of blog post topics?

Here are three tips that can help keep those blog topics coming:3 Tips On How To Constantly Keep Up With Blog Content

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3 Tips for Effective Use of Social Media Automation Tools

One of the most effective time-saving techniques for managing social media is to use automation tools.

Automation tools can help you with scheduling posts, monitoring your social media accounts and curating content. When used appropriately, automation tools can help you save time and energy when marketing through social media.

Here are three tips to help you get maximum effectiveness with social media automation tools:

3 Tips for Effective Use of Social Media Automation Tools

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Don’t Get Hung Up On How Many Fans You Have

Don’t Get Hung Up On How Many Fans You Have

One of the areas of stress for many entrepreneurs and career professionals is about the number of fans or followers they have on social media. How many Facebook fans should you have? How can I get more Twitter followers? Is 500 the magic number for LinkedIn connections?

You see, humans like to wrap their heads around the tangible, and follower count seems like a tangible way to measure success on social media. Continue reading

Conducting A Monthly LinkedIn Audit

Conducting a Monthly LinkedIn AuditDo you use LinkedIn for personal branding?

LinkedIn accounts for 22 percent of all Internet users, and with 38 percent of LinkedIn users earning $75,000 or more a year, it’s a powerful social media site for networking with peers, influencers and potential customers.

One of the most important tips I share with my clients is to make sure you audit your LinkedIn profile regularly – ideally once a month – to maximize your presence on this platform.

Here are some tips on conducting a monthly audit of your LinkedIn profile: Continue reading