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16 Tools and Apps I Couldn’t Live Without

16 Tools and Apps I Couldn't Live WithoutWhat tools and apps do I love the most?

I get this question all the time! Truth be told, I love anything that helps me save time and resources, especially when it comes to productivity, social media management and graphic design.

If you like time-saving tools too, then check out my list of 16 tools and apps I don’t think I could live without: Continue reading

Navigate Twitter With This Twitter Glossary

Do you use Twitter? If you’re not using Twitter for personal branding, you may be missing out on making valuable connections with potential clients or employers.

Twitter is a microblogging, social networking site where users send messages (called “tweets”) of 140 characters or less. More than 200 million people actively use Twitter around the world, making it the second largest social network (behind Facebook).

Many people find Twitter confusing, and it’s usually because they do not understand Twitter jargon. That’s why I have put together this glossary of commonly used Twitter terms for your reference.  Once you master Twitter jargon, using Twitter becomes much easier!

Your Twitter Glossary: A Guide To Twitter Jargon

Your Guide To Twitter Jargon | Twiiter Glossary Continue reading

4 Ways To Get More People To Read Your Blog

4 Ways to Get People To Read Your BlogDo you have a love-hate relationship with blogging? Blogging can be frustrating if no one is reading your blog posts.  It feels like you are having a conversation with someone across the table, but he is too busy looking at other things.

Don’t let this frustration get the best of you! It’s time to reassess your blogging strategy so you can get more readers to your blog. Check out these 4 tips on how to attract more people to your blog: Continue reading

I Am Scared Shitless

Toni Morrison quoteFor months now, I have been working on a workbook to sell on my website. Its working name is “Workbook for Success,” and it takes the reader through the six steps of the Your Branding Power™ personal branding process.  I also plan on adapting chapters of the workbook into an online class that would incorporate coaching calls by me. This workbook is the foundation for my coaching business model. Continue reading

7 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Experience

LinkedIn has more than 225 million users around the world, and if you’re not one of them, you may be missing out on job opportunities or new client leads. How can you make sure your LinkedIn experience is the best it can be? Try following these seven tips for LinkedIn personal branding success:

7 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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