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6 Ideas For Taking Your Marketing To The Next Level by Jill Celeste

6 Ideas For Taking Your Marketing To The Next Level

6 Ideas For Taking Your Marketing To The Next Level by Jill CelesteTo get louder as a female entrepreneur, you may be thinking about ways to take your marketing to the next level. Let’s face it: Sometimes getting louder means “going big” – and doing things outside of your comfort zone.

While there’s nothing wrong with doing the marketing activities you’re currently implementing, to reach more ideal clients, you may need to amplify your reach. And to amplify your reach, it may be time to kick your marketing up a notch.

Here’s my advice: Take a look at the six ideas I’ve listed below, and then ask yourself two questions:

  1. Which one sounds like fun to implement?
  2. Which one scares the crap out of you?

If one of these ideas appears as the answer to both questions, your intuition is telling you something!

Let’s do this!


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How to Attract Your First Ideal Client

Podcast interview with Peggy NolanA big thank you to my friend, Peggy Nolan, for hosting me on her fantastic podcast, Let Go Move Forward.

During this podcast, Peggy and I discuss my bestselling new book, That First Client, as well as why it is so important for entrepreneurs to figure out who is their ideal client (or reader, or subscriber, or whatever word you want to insert there!). We also discuss the importance of taking imperfect action in all aspects of your life, especially in marketing your business.

Ready to listen? 

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The Art of Receiving

I was 29 years old, the mother of two boys under the age of two, a newlywed – and I had a big problem:

Someone (anonymously) sent me $500 in gift certificates to the local grocery store.

Why was that a problem? Because I didn’t know who sent them to me, I didn’t know why they were sent to me and I most certainly didn’t need any charity!

(Can you hear my indignant self?)

But, what was my real problem? I hadn’t embraced the joy and art of receiving. I was an excellent giver, but my receiving skills sucked. And I had a big life lesson waiting to be learned.

My gift certificate story was the foundation for my chapter, The Joy of Receiving, published in the inspirational and bestselling anthology, Cultivating Joy.

And now it’s the topic for this podcast interview with my fabulous co-author and bad-ass warrior, Peggy Nolan. (Just click on the player below to start listening!)

The Art of Receiving
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