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Raising Your Prices

Raising Your Prices by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.comAre you thinking about raising your prices?

It can be scary, right? On one hand, you want to be compensated more for your time. On the other, you don’t want to ward off potential clients.

Raising your prices is a must, though. On a practical side, you have to make up for cost of living increases, such as higher gas prices and property taxes. On the growth side, you have probably been undercharging this whole time, which is killing your mindset.

Entrepreneurs raise their prices all the time – and you can too!

To help you, please check out this marketing strategy video where I talk about mindset issues around price increases, as well as some tactical advice for when to raise your prices.



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What’s Your Pricing Mindset?

What’s the one thing that really hangs entrepreneurs up about creating packages and pricing?


Perhaps you’re plagued with questions, such as:

  • How much do I charge?
  • Am I really going to charge that?
  • Will people pay for that?

And the list goes on and on.

Today, let’s tackle your mindset about setting your prices.

What's your pricing mindset?

Price base on the results you give

Most entrepreneurs, especially at the beginning of their businesses, have a tendency to want to charge low because they think, “I’m just new. Therefore, I can’t charge a high price or I can’t charge what I really think I’m worth.” Continue reading

Should You Post Your Prices On Your Website?

It’s a question I get quite often from my students: Should I post my prices on my website?

Should You Post Your Prices On Your Website?

Unfortunately, the answer is as clear as mud. Why? Because it depends.

Here are some instances when you should consider posting your prices:

  • If you are offering products, then post your prices on your website. No one wants to guess how much a book or T-shirt costs.
  • If you are offering fixed-cost services, such as manicures or massages by the hour, then you should post your prices.
  • If you have an evergreen product, such as a quick start program or home study course, then post the price. (This is great for passive income!)

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4 Types of Printed Marketing Material That Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Many entrepreneurs do a great job putting up their websites and Facebook pages, but they often forget about creating essential pieces of printed marketing materials.


Printed marketing materials are important because they help spread your message offline, such as when you do guest speaking or attend a networking group. You can also create PDFs of your marketing materials to add to your website and sites such as Slideshare, as well as attach to email messages you send to sales prospects or referral sources. As you can see, there are many uses for printed marketing materials!

So, what marketing materials are essential for you? Here are four “must-have” pieces of marketing material I recommend to every client:

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4 Ways To Assess And Improve Your Marketing

Marketing is a continuous process. One of the constant struggles for entrepreneurs is how to make their marketing even better. That’s why it’s imperative to re-evaluate your marketing efforts every three months. Only then, can you continue to improve your marketing strategy.

Here are four elements of your marketing strategy that you can re-evaluate to improve your marketing:

4 Ways To Assess And Improve Your Marketing

#1: Measure the results of your marketing plan

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