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Ideal Client 101

Ideal Client 101 by Jill CelesteIt’s time to roll up our shirt sleeves this week and (re)visit a marketing fundamental: how to determine who your ideal client is.

You see: You are not everyone’s healer. You are only meant to work with people who need your Gifts.

It’s important to constantly fine tune who you are meant to serve. That way, you’ll create better products/services, more effective marketing messages, and increase your revenue.

All successful entrepreneurs reanalyze their ideal clients because the more you work with your clients, the better idea of who you should (or shouldn’t be) working with.

That means: You should analyze your ideal clients too. To help you, follow the tips in this week’s blog post. It’s time to delve into “Ideal Client 101” – let’s get to work!



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What Are The Demographics And Psychographics Of Your Ideal Client?

Not everyone is your ideal client.

In fact, your ideal client has unique characteristics and traits – things that make her unlike any other customer out there.

Your job, as Director of Marketing for your business, is to know everything about your ideal client, so you can sharpen your marketing and offerings so they are best suited for your ideal client.

How do you do this? 

You accomplish this by having a thorough understanding of your ideal client’s demographics and psychographics.

What are the demographics and psychographics of your ideal client? by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com

That’s the topic for this week’s marketing strategy video!



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How To Get Your First Client

Congratulations, you are open for business and ready to take on new clients!

This is an exciting time for your business. Your business cards are printed, your website is up and you’re posting away on social media. Now, here comes the big question:  How can you attract your first client?

In this week’s marketing strategy, I have outlined a four-step process that will help you get that first client in no time. Ready to get started?


#1: Know exactly who your ideal client is

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