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Law of Attraction Quotes To Help Your Marketing

Law of Attraction Quotes To Help Your Marketing by Jill CelesteIt’s no secret that I love the Law of Attraction, and I especially love how I can use it to guide my marketing.

Who would have thought that the Law of Attraction and marketing could mix? I am delighted that they do!

I’ve been a marketer for years – before I even became an entrepreneur – and as soon as I embraced the Law of Attraction (after much resistance, may I add), my marketing improved.

And when my marketing improved, my business improved (as in, more clients and higher income).

For this week’s marketing strategy, I wanted to share with you three quotes that will help guide your marketing using Law of Attraction principles.

My intention is to help you feel better about marketing, so that you can share your Divine Gifts, change people’s lives, and improve the world – all while being lovingly compensated for doing so.

Here are the quotes I’ve selected. I hope they help you so much.

#1: Eliminate all doubt and replace it with the full expectation that you will receive what you are asking for. – Rhonda Byrne

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9 Quotes To Help You Stay In Faith As An Entrepreneur

Thi9 Quotes To Help You Stay In Faith As An Entrepreneur by Jill Celestes week’s marketing strategy is a little different.

No video, no blog post – but something else that I think you need to hear.

I am getting an intuitive hit that you may be struggling with staying in faith. Meaning, your faith in your purpose and business is wavering. You may be wondering if you’re cut out for entrepreneurship. You may even be thinking about throwing in the towel.

If you’re feeling off kilter, it’s normal. It happens to all of us – no matter where you are in your business.

Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who never quit, who pushed through and stayed in faith. That’s what you need to do too.

Like with anything in life (and business), it starts with your mindset. When your mindset is in the crapper, self-doubt creeps in – and that’s when you feel like shit about your business.

When my faith and self-belief are wavering, I like to be inspired, specifically through quotes penned by successful people. That’s why I have collected nine “stay in faith” quotes for this week’s marketing strategy.

My intention is that at least one of these quotes will resonate with you. I bet, though, that each one will help you in different ways.

We need entrepreneurs like you to not give up. To believe in yourself. To stay in faith. To shoulder through the rough patches. Our world is at an important crossroads, and it’s purpose-driven entrepreneurs, like you, who will help steer us in the right direction.

Stay in faith, dear entrepreneur. I am rooting for you. Let’s get you inspired with these nine quotes. Continue reading

16 Quotes To Inspire Your Blog Writing

16 Quotes To Inspire Your Blog WritingDo you have days when you’re not feeling inspired to write your next blog post? It happens to me more than I would like to admit. That’s why I have been collecting various quotes about blogging and writing – to help me stay focused and committed to writing more blog posts. I thought you might need some inspiration too, so here’s a collection of some of my favorites. Continue reading