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How To Tell If A Marketing Risk Is Worth It

How To Tell If A Marketing Risk Is Worth It by Jill CelesteAs you consider ways to market your business, some ideas may seem risky. How can you tell if the risk will pay off? Will you lose too much money, time or energy, or will you gain a lot?

It’s natural to feel nervous about doing something risky with your marketing. Things like a large Facebook Ad campaign (that can cost you money) or agreeing to be a keynote speaker (that can cost you time) are exciting, for sure, but as a solopreneur, you are concerned that you’ll recoup your investment.

I get it. We’re solopreneurs with limited resources.

I also get that sometimes we are naturally too cautious, and that something that feels risky often is just resistance.

This week’s marketing strategy will help you determine if a risk is worth it or not. It will also help you evaluate if a risk is really a risk or a mindset issue. I’ve included a quick Risk Assessment to help you sort through it all.

Please keep reading and watching if you need help making heads or tails of marketing risks. This marketing strategy will help you so much!



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