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Busting Through A Marketing Rut

It happens to all entrepreneurs – you reach a place where you feel unmotivated and uninspired with your marketing. I call this the “marketing rut” – and it feel icky and uncomfortable.


However, being in a marketing rut is an important signal. You’re being told to re-evaluate, reassess and re-energize your marketing efforts. The end result of going through this process is even better marketing!

So, when you feel like you’re in a marketing rut, here are five action steps to begin implementing:

Busting Through A Marketing Rut

#1: Take a break

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Is It Time To Take A Marketing Risk?

How do you feel about taking risks? Scared? Exhilarated? Totally put off?

When it comes to growing your business, you need to be comfortable taking some risks, or you will become stagnant in your growth.

Is It Time To Take A Marketing Risk?

Truth be told, most risks are just perceived – something in your head that is blocking you. Sure there are financial risks or life-and-death situations, but the risks I am referring to are the ones that require a leap of faith. I believe these aren’t really risks, but extensions of a fear of failure.  And when you don’t take action because you are afraid to fail, you are stifling your growth.

Breaking through your fear of failing and these perceived risks are important exercises for strengthening your marketing. To help you overcome your resistance to risk taking, I want you to do a small activity. Continue reading