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Sales Is A Numbers Game

Sales Is A Numbers Game by Jill CelesteWhen I first started my coaching practice, I received a piece of valuable advice from a business coach: “Sales is a numbers game.”

I will never forget when she told me this nugget of wisdom. First, it showed me that I can’t just wave a magic wand and customers would magically appear. It will take (marketing) work.

Second, it removed the “they won’t like me” feeling from the equation. It’s about meeting a volume of people. Of course, the odds are that people won’t convert to customers. It’s just math!

I want to explore the “sales is a numbers game” message a little further with you, putting it into a context of the Law of Attraction and authentic marketing.

Because, yes, we need to get out there in a big way (it’s a numbers game, after all), but we can do so without selling our souls.

Let’s delve in!



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