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What You Need For Your Coaching Practice

If you are a coach or an entrepreneur who has private clients, this week’s marketing strategy is for you.

Many coaches and consultants that I have worked with in the past need help determining what tools, systems and processes they need to run a smooth coaching practice.

I have been a marketing coach since 2012, and trust me when I say that I have learned a lot about what it takes to run a coaching practice.

Check out this week’s marketing strategy to learn the eight things you need to run your coaching practice – from sales to testimonials!


Video Transcript – Jill Celeste – What You Need For Your Coaching Practice

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Experts Share Their Favorite Small Business Tools

Experts Share Their Favorite Small Business ToolsRemember how I say that you are the Director of Marketing for your business?

Well, Directors of Marketing know tools can make their jobs so much easier – and are always seeking out the best tools for the job.

I know I love it when I find the perfect tool to help me manage my marketing and run my business. Like many solopreneurs, though, it’s difficult to know which tools work best.

That’s why I asked six of my solopreneur friends about their favorite tools, and I am thrilled to share their responses with you. Most of these tools are no cost or low cost (because we all know that a solopreneur budget looks like!).

As you peruse the list of tools here, please take a moment to check out the entrepreneurs and their businesses too. We are in this together! Continue reading

What To Include On Your Small Business Website

The hub of your online marketing strategy should be your website – one that showcases your expertise, experience and personality. Don’t let the idea of creating a website intimidate you. There are many easy, turnkey ways to create a website using blogging software, such as WordPress or Blogger.

Once you secure your software, here are eight essential elements you need to include on your website.

What To Include On Your Small Business Website

#1: About Me page

The “About Me” section is the place to tell your story: how you became interested in your field, how you have evolved into an industry expert in your niche and what level of experience you have. Include a professional photo, and write in the first person, channeling your inner storyteller. Show your personality, too, so people get to know the “real you.” Continue reading

3 Ways To Grow Your Email List Through Partnerships

Having an email list full of your ideal customers is an essential part of growing your business. That’s because email marketing is one of the most effective and easiest ways to sell your products and services.  In a September 2014 survey by Ascend2, 54% of marketers surveyed indicated that email marketing delivered the most return on investment (ROI).

So, how can you attract your ideal customers to your email list? One of the most powerful ways is to partner with other entrepreneurs and organizations.

Check out these three ways to grow your email list through partnerships:

3 Ways To Grow Your Email List Through Partnerships

#1: A one-on-one joint partnership

A one-on-one joint partnership is a “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” type of relationship. With this type of partnership, you agree to email your list an offer from your partner, and your partner agrees to do the same. For example, one time I did a one-on-one joint partnership with a fellow entrepreneur where we hosted webinars to each other’s lists. She did a webinar one month to my peeps, and I did a webinar the following month to hers. Continue reading

Don’t Worry About Your Competitors

Coke versus Pepsi, McDonalds versus Burger King, Ford versus Chevrolet – is it any wonder that entrepreneurs are constantly worried about their competitors? One look at the big brands and you’d think that’s the right approach.Don’t Worry About Your Competitors

I want to challenge you to change your mindset about your competitors. Are you ready?

The world needs your competitors and you.

You see, not every person you meet will be able to work with you. Perhaps you and a prospect don’t have the right vibe, maybe you’re located in the wrong city or perhaps your offerings don’t meet the needs of that person.

And so when that sales prospect finds that synergy with your competitor, that’s a good thing. Wish her well and focus your energies on the rest of the people who do need you. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to spin your wheels trying to connect with someone who isn’t meant to work with you? Even further, aren’t you glad that sales prospect found someone perfect for him? Continue reading