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6 Ideas For Taking Your Marketing To The Next Level by Jill Celeste

6 Ideas For Taking Your Marketing To The Next Level

6 Ideas For Taking Your Marketing To The Next Level by Jill CelesteTo get louder as a female entrepreneur, you may be thinking about ways to take your marketing to the next level. Let’s face it: Sometimes getting louder means “going big” – and doing things outside of your comfort zone.

While there’s nothing wrong with doing the marketing activities you’re currently implementing, to reach more ideal clients, you may need to amplify your reach. And to amplify your reach, it may be time to kick your marketing up a notch.

Here’s my advice: Take a look at the six ideas I’ve listed below, and then ask yourself two questions:

  1. Which one sounds like fun to implement?
  2. Which one scares the crap out of you?

If one of these ideas appears as the answer to both questions, your intuition is telling you something!

Let’s do this!


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4 Free Ways To Market Your Business (That You May Not Have Thought Of)

4 Free Ways To Market Your Business (That You May Not Have Thought Of) by Jill CelesteAre you looking for free ways to market your business?

Many purpose-driven entrepreneurs equate “marketing” with “money,” and while some marketing does require an investment, there are plenty of free ways you can market your business.

Let’s face it: Most solopreneurs do not have a lot of money for marketing, especially during the growth period of their businesses.

And as you look for ways to market your business, it’s easy to be attracted to paid marketing methods, such as Facebook Ads and expensive conferences.

The good news – you can implement any of the four free marketing tactics I will discuss in this blog post – and see tremendous brand awareness.

(And you’ll see even greater results if you implement all four tactics!)

Let’s take a look at each of these four free ways to market your business.



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The 4-Step Process To Attract Clients From Your Speaking Gigs

If you want more clients, add speaking to your marketing plan. Speaking is a great way to increase your visibility and showcase your expertise.

When possible, find opportunities where you can be a guest speaker. When you do, you’ll put yourself in front of people who may have never heard of you – and you get a chance to wow them. Your guest speaking opportunities can lead to clients, but it’s important to have a client attraction process in place for your speaking engagements. 

What should this process look like? Just follow these steps, and you’ll be in a great position to convert each speaking gig into a client-attracting opportunity:

The 4 Step Process To Attract Clients From Your Speaking Gigs. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

#1: Determine your requirements before committing to speak

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Marketing As An Introvert

Fellow introverts, I see you and I hear you. You read marketing tip after marketing tip – and you wonder: “How am I going to do this?”

A lot of marketing requires entrepreneurs to be visible. This may mean going to networking meetings, or attending conferences, or giving speeches, or even teaching a workshop.

Exhausting to think about, right?

However, growing your business means stepping away from your computer – and outside of your home – from time to time.

Marketing as an introvert. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

So, here’s your permission slip (it’s two parts):

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5 Ways To Go Bigger With Your Marketing

Marketing your business and expertise isn’t about doing the same things all the time. Yes, you want to turn up the volume on what’s working for your business, but you also need to stretch out of your comfort zone. You want to go bigger with your marketing to help extend your reach and reputation.

So, how do you do that? Check out this marketing strategy where I outline five ways you can go bigger with your marketing.

5 Ways to go Bigger With Your Marketing. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

#1: Write a book

Nothing says “I am an expert” like authoring a book about your niche. And with the popularity of ebooks, you can self-publish an ebook to reach a bigger audience without waiting for a nearly-impossible-to-get book deal. Make sure, though, that you invest in a good editor for your ebook. Typos, misspelled words and incorrect grammar are real turn-offs and will hurt your credibility as an expert.

#2: Teach a class

Between online classes and face-to-face instruction, teaching a class is another great way to go bold with your marketing. You can create an online course, or teach in-person workshops where you charge a fee for a half-day or daylong class. Also, check out local colleges and universities to explore opportunities for adjunct professor positions.

#3: Find paying speaking opportunities

The keynote speakers you see at conferences aren’t there for free; they have charged the conference sponsor for their time and knowledge (and are often well compensated). After you’ve done a host of free events, start looking for paying speaking opportunities. Check out local speakers’ bureaus and then expand to national ones (use Google to find the best speaking bureaus for you). Also, make sure you’ve created a “signature talk” that you can deliver at a moment’s notice. With a presentation in your back pocket, you’ll be more confident in finding speaking opportunities.

#4: Create a professional group or organization

Does your niche have a professional organization? If not, here’s a golden opportunity to grow your business while generating income. Create a professional group or organization with membership fees and benefits. Most groups start out at a local level and then grow from there. You may also want to reach out to other leaders in your niche for their assistance in growing your association.

#5: Land a media interview

Having a journalist interview you as an expert in your field can boost your brand exponentially. First, research local and national journalists who report on stories similar to your niche. Then, begin reaching out to them. Don’t start with a pitch, though. This is an exercise in relationship building. Get to know the reporter, and over time, let him know that you would be happy to help him if the journalist ever needs an expert in your field. The idea is to lend a helping hand, being a time-saver who can assist the reporter when he is against a deadline.

Go big or don't grow. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

Here’s the thing to remember: Go big or don’t grow.

When you take bold steps, such as the ones outlined in this blog post, your brand will grow, allowing you to attract your ideal clients and serve more people.

Jill Celeste - Marketing CoachABOUT JILL

Jill Celeste, MA is a bestselling author, marketing teacher and founder of the Celestial Marketing Academy. Jill teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs everything they need to know about marketing so they can become the Directors of Marketing for their businesses.

Jill is the author of the Amazon Top 25 Bestselling Marketing Book, That First Client, as well as the co-author of the bestseller, Cultivating Joy, and international bestseller, Gratitude and Grace.

Jill graduated with a B.A. in English from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. She obtained her master’s degree in history from the State University of Georgia in Carrollton. Prior to becoming a marketing coach, Jill worked for 14 years in the private sector, and has experience in marketing and public relations in healthcare, IT and small business.

Jill lives near Tampa, Florida, with her husband, two sons, three guinea pigs and a basset hound named Emma.

For more information about Jill’s programs, please visit www.jillceleste.com. To get a free copy of Jill’s Amazon Bestselling book, That First Client, please go to www.ThatFirstClient.com.

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