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How To Get Your First Client

Congratulations, you are open for business and ready to take on new clients!

This is an exciting time for your business. Your business cards are printed, your website is up and you’re posting away on social media. Now, here comes the big question:  How can you attract your first client?

In this week’s marketing strategy, I have outlined a four-step process that will help you get that first client in no time. Ready to get started?


#1: Know exactly who your ideal client is

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How To Attract Clients From Your Speaking Gigs

How To Attract Clients From Your Speaking GigsA great way to increase your visibility and share your knowledge is through public speaking.

Whether you’re speaking at a local networking group or hosting your own workshop, you can leverage these speaking opportunities to attract more clients to your business.

When you are a guest speaker, it’s important things to have a client attraction process in place for your speaking engagements. Here are some steps to consider: Continue reading