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When No One Buys Your Program

When No One Buys Your Program by Jill CelesteWhat do you do when no one buys your program?

It’s heart wrenching, isn’t it?

You pour so much heart and soul into what you offer. You marketed it like crazy. Yet, the whole thing flopped.

Here’s the thing…

Having a poor response to an offer is a normal part of your marketing journey.

It sucks and it’s painful – but like any failure, it teaches you a valuable lesson.

I invite you to keep reading as I share a story about a recent “flop” and what I learned from it.



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When Your Offer Flops

You create this awesome offer, pouring everything into making it so irresistible to your ideal clients. You open up your shopping cart and wait for the sales to come in.

But, no one is buying it.

Devastated, you just launched an offer that was a huge flop. 

Holy cow, you didn’t see that coming. And now you don’t know what to do, or what it all means. You’re discouraged. You’re frustrated. You’re losing faith.

When an offer flops, it often has nothing to do with you. Check out this week’s marketing strategy to learn how to respond to a “flopped offer” – and save your mindset in the process.

When your offer flops by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com



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How To Come Up With Blog Post Topics

Maintaining a blog is a great way to showcase your expertise with your ideal clients. However, for many purpose-driven entrepreneurs, keeping up with a blog can be arduous. How can you find a never-ending well of blog post topics to write about?

Rest assured: You can! And it doesn’t have to be arduous or taxing. With some planning, you won’t have the worry about “what am I going to write about this week?”

I have been writing a blog every week for the past four years, and I have never run out of topics. How? In this week’s marketing strategy, I will share with you some “tricks of the trade” to keep your blog topic list always filled.

How To Come Up With Blog Post Topics. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

#1: Brainstorm a list of topics

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