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The Wow Factor

I opened my mailbox the other evening to find a slender package, and as I pulled it out, I was in  immediate delight. Yes, I was excited to receive a package, but I was delighted because of how the sender covered the package with cut-out hearts and a handwritten inspirational message. How fun!

As soon as I got inside, I opened it. I knew what it was – I had ordered a “salvaged word” from artist, Colleen Attara – and I was eager to see her rendering. As soon as I got the package opened, a confetti of cut-out hearts streamed out, and I peered inside to find much more than my salvaged word.

The whole package was a cornucopia of art and love! Colleen included two gorgeous pieces of marketing collateral – her business card and a door hanger. She also included a smaller version of my “salvaged word,” plus a book mark with my word on it, plus a bonus greeting card for me to use.

I was delighted. I was happy. I was excited. And, I was wowed.

I was so wowed that I went to my Facebook Page and did a Facebook Live to share all of these goodies, making sure to tag Colleen’s Facebook page and include her web address.

And now I am writing a blog post with the story.

The Wow Factor. Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com

This is what happens when you wow your customers.

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Building Your Tribe Through Your Facebook Page


In this video, you will learn the following:

  • How Facebook pages are great for tribe building
  • How to post questions to engage your tribe
  • The importance of sharing personal tidbits on your Facebook page
  • Why you should be sharing information that will benefit your tribe

Building Your Tribe Through Your Facebook Page by Jill Celeste | www.JillCeleste.com Continue reading

Stop Worrying About Your Social Media Fan Count

Many entrepreneurs are concerned about the number of fans or followers they have on social media.


Do you often ask yourself:

  • How many Facebook fans should you have?
  • How can I get more Twitter followers?
  • Is 500 the magic number for LinkedIn connections?

You are not alone.

You see, humans like to wrap their heads around the tangible, and follower count is a tangible way to measure your social media marketing.

To be certain, if you’re gaining fans or followers, that’s a good thing. It means you have a bigger audience that can read your message.

However, I want to challenge you on the mentality about follower or fan count. More sometimes isn’t better. Continue reading

You Need To Email Your Tribe

When I opened my coaching practice in April 2013, one of my first goals was to start building my email list. My first weekly ezine went out to 13 people that May – just 13!


Since that time, I have steadily grown my list to thousands of people by connecting with them through webinars, free offers, events and networking.

As my list was growing, though, I became hesitant to email my subscribers when I had an offer to share. If I hosted a webinar, I might send out one email a few days before. If I had a special offer, I might squeak out two emails to remind people to purchase it.

I was not using my list like I should have been because I didn’t want to tick off my email subscribers with frequent emails. Continue reading