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4 Ways To Get More People To Read Your Blog

4 Ways to Get People To Read Your BlogDo you have a love-hate relationship with blogging? Blogging can be frustrating if no one is reading your blog posts.  It feels like you are having a conversation with someone across the table, but he is too busy looking at other things.

Don’t let this frustration get the best of you! It’s time to reassess your blogging strategy so you can get more readers to your blog. Check out these 4 tips on how to attract more people to your blog: Continue reading

5 Tools To Help Cure Your Twitter Headache

5 Tools To Help Cure Your Twitter HeadacheTwitter is a valuable social media tool for personal branding, but if you’re not sure how to manage Twitter efficiently, it can be an overwhelming task. The zillion tweets, hashtags and conversations going on in one second on Twitter are enough to cause anyone a headache! Thankfully, there are many tools you can use to help you manage different aspects of your Twitter engagement. Here are five tools I use to make my Twitter experience more manageable for personal branding: Continue reading