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Content Marketing As The Hub Of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it: People buy from those they trust, and a vital way to build trust is to share your expertise with the world. As entrepreneurs, you need to find a consistent way to share your knowledge, which is why you need a content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a type of marketing tactic where you share your expertise through original content, such as videos or blogging. without trying to sell to someone. It’s the last part of this definition that stops many entrepreneurs in their tracks. Believe me, though, sales will come if you embrace content marketing.

Content Marketing As The  Hub For Your Online Marketing Strategy

Content marketing as the hub

One of the best ways to embrace content marketing is to think of it as the hub of your entire online marketing strategy. If your social media and online marketing strategy looked like the solar system, content marketing would be the sun and the online platforms would be the planets circling it. Just like spokes on a bicycle wheel, your online platforms would be how you tell people about your content.

Check out this diagram for an example of how content marketing can be organized: Continue reading