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The Fastest Ways To Add Income This Month

Sometimes as purpose-driven entrepreneurs we need a quick “cash infusion.” Ideally, we don’t want to operate from a “feast or famine” mode, but life isn’t perfect. And neither are our businesses.

How can you quickly add cash to your bottom line this month? First, you need to get in the right mindset – it’s about the service, not the cash. That means reframing your desire from “I need more money” to “I will serve more paying clients.” Doesn’t that sound less desperate? Less from a place of lack? Yes!

As you work on your mindset, here are some practical tactics you can implement to find those paying clients pronto:

The Fastest Ways To Add Income This Month. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

#1: Make a follow-up list and start reaching out

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Do You Need More Clients Now?

Are you in the place in your business where you need more clients – like right now?

No judgement – I’ve been there.

I invite you to check out the four “get clients now” tactics I outline in this marketing strategy to help you find clients quickly. And as you get more clients, keep filling that pipeline so you don’t have to scramble again.

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How To Get Your Ideal Clients To Attend Your Events

Workshops, mastermind groups, seminars – they are all excellent ways to share your message and market your business. So, how do you get your ideal clients to attend your event?

The key is to make sure to write a marketing plan with specific tactics on how you’ll promote your event. Here are four tactics to consider adding to your event marketing plan, and remember: the more you market, the better the results:

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7 Ways To Promote Your Webinars

Every month, I host a webinar to share my expertise with my tribe. I love hosting webinars because it allows me grow my list, connect with my community, teach marketing and, sometimes, share new products and services to my audience.

If you want to add webinars to your marketing mix, it’s important to think about how you’ll attract registrants to your webinars. There’s nothing more discouraging than hosting a webinar to only a few people.

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Do You Want To Know The Real Reason Why You’re Not Getting Clients?

Dear Celestial One,

How’s business going?

Be honest with yourself here.

If you can answer “it’s going great!” – then good for you! Make sure to applaud your accomplishments because it’s not an easy road to the “it’s going great” answer.

But if your answer is “it’s not going well” or “I wish it could be better,” then I want to invite you to a special (and free) info session.

Just to be transparent: This info session isn’t for everyone.

Please watch my video to see who it is for – and if it’s the right educational opportunity for you:

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