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What’s Your Word For The Year?

What’s Your Word For The Year? by Jill CelesteHave you picked out your word for the year?

The new year is coming quickly, and having a designated word or phrase can be so helpful – like having a North Star on next year’s journey.

Here are some of my past “words for the year”:

2018 – Create (a reminder to create content because I am a teacher at heart)

2019 – Allow (to help me remember to loosen my grip on things)

For 2020, my word for the year is “Loud.”

I chose Loud because I want to remember the following:

  • Societally, women are expected to be quiet. However, it’s time to shed these societal expectations and raise our voices, individually and collectively.
  • In my marketing, it’s time to make Meaningful Noise™ – to turn up the volume on my marketing activities and get my message out there.
  • My ideal clients can’t find me unless I get loud!
  • I can change the world if I get louder.

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