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Your Book As A Lead Magnet

Books are so magical! When you write a book as a Lightworker or purpose-driven entrepreneur, you are sharing your expertise with the world. And being an author lends so much credibility to your brand. When I tell people that I wrote an Amazon Top 25 Marketing Bestselling book called That First Client, I immediately captivate their interest.

Books rock!

When I wrote That First Client, I didn’t write it for royalties. True, I wanted the bestseller status (again, a huge credibility factor), but I wanted my book to be a way to attract more people to my tribe.

Your book as a lead magnet. Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com

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Mastering The Marketing Pull Question

You don’t have to be an award-winning copywriter to craft powerful messages for your target audience. However, it does takes practice and some direction on how to channel your inner copywriter.

One of the most effective ways to create compelling marketing copy is to master the “Marketing Pull Question.”

Mastering the marketing pull question

Pull questions are questions you ask in your marketing copy that pull your ideal clients to you. It focuses on your ideal clients’ struggles and problems, and helps them realize that you understand their predicament.

One more thing: When reading your pull questions, the answer that should always pop into your ideal client’s mind is YES.

And with some practice and a good ideal client profile, marketing pull questions are not too difficult to write.


How to write marketing pull questions

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Creative Inspirations From Archangel Gabriel

Creative Inspirations from Archangel Gabriel by Jill CelesteDearest Celestial One:

I believe in God and Angels.

It was not until recently, though, that I started to read more about angels. There’s one angel in particular – Archangel Gabriel – who always fascinated me.

You see, I was not raised in a “church-going” home, so my spiritual teachings have come to me as an adult.

However, when I was a teenager, I heard Sting’s rendition of “Gabriel’s Message” on a Christmas album, and I was immediately intrigued by this “messenger angel.”



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Write Like You Speak

Usually, when I release my new blog post for the week, I have a video to go with it.

However, this week, I am foregoing the video because I think this post is so important that I need you to read it (not listen to it). I hope you’ll hang with me here.

You need to build a tribe

I often tell my clients, students and workshop participants that it’s essential to work on building a tribe through your online marketing (especially social media).

Here’s the definition of a tribe that I like, compliments of Seth Godin: Your tribe is a group of people connected to you, to an idea and to each other.


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Time Management Tips for Blogging

Do you love to blog but hate the amount of time it takes? Or perhaps you are interested in blogging but not sure you have the time to make it work? For many, blogging can be a total “time drain,” but with the right techniques, you can blog more efficiently.

Here are five time management tips you can use for more efficient blogging:

Time Management Tips for Blogging

#1: Brainstorm a list of blog topics

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