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Book Review: You Are Awesome by Neil Pasricha

Jill Celeste's book review of YOU ARE AWESOME by Neil PasrichaIf you need help improving your resilience, then be sure to a copy of You Are Awesome by Neil Pasricha.

Let’s face it – resilience is a skill. If you can bounce back better and faster, you will be happier and accomplish more (this is especially important for entrepreneurs).

In You Are Awesome, Pasricha outlines nine secrets to being more resilient. I’ll list them below, but I encourage you to get the book to learn more about each secret:

  1. Add a dot-dot-dot…
  2. Shift the spotlight
  3. See it as a step
  4. Tell yourself a different story
  5. Lose more to win more
  6. Reveal to heal
  7. Find small ponds
  8. Go untouchable
  9. Never, never stop

My big takeaways:

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